Prezzo vouchers

Prezzo vouchers

Prezzo is an amazing example of entrepreneurship in the UK. Try and guess when the first Prezzo opened…  That’s right, it was in 2000! That is so recent for such a successful food chain that it is almost unbelievable  It is a very hard industry to enter, but to expand that quickly and through one of the worst recessions the UK has ever seen is an amazing feat. They now have over 160 restaurants open throughout the UK.

So how did they manage to become so popular so fast? It was simple for them really – great food and high standards with a reasonable price. Prezzo is an italian restaurant and serves some of the best Italian food, such as pizzas, in the UK – especially when you consider the price you pay for the food. Prezzo being built on old fashioned values such as customer care and a high standard of cleanliness in its eateries is such a refreshing change that it was almost inevitable that it was going to take off in the manner it did.

Unfortunately our Prezzo vouchers are so popular that we have currently run out of vouchers. Please check back soon!

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